Make your property look its best

Professional photography & image enhancements are a must. We have the ability to make anyone’s home stand out, whether it be a luxury penthouse with sea views or a basic one bedroom basement. Where do you go first when searching for your new home? 

What will attract you to book a viewing and go to see it? Here are some examples of the benefits in using photography enhancements. 

Marketing Comparison

Here is an example of the same property having been photographed by two different agents. In choosing a letting agent there are many things to consider, many landlords are grabbed by pricing given by the agent, everyone wants to hear that their property is worth more than the identical one that let two doors down. Maybe that fee sounds appealing so you can maximise your income. 

The agent may tell you they have hundreds of tenants looking for your sort of property and they’ll have it let to a working professional within days. In turn you’ll believe that your property will be taken care of and won’t even consider how the agent goes about sourcing the applicant. How does one get the best applicant interested without the right photography? To put it simply – they don’t.

At Votta Lettings we start as we mean to go on as the tip of the iceberg is the marketing… If that’s not right then it’s not a great start to someone looking after one of your most valuable assets.

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