Legislation is forever changing, in 2015 the law on residential lettings changed more times than ever recorded in history. Landlords think they can keep up but many are treading water. 

How many of you have been on the receiving end of a tenant that hadn’t paid for months, absconded, damaged the property, racked up unpaid utility bills or tried to sue you or someone you know? It’s easily done and if you aren’t ahead of the game you could become another statistic. 

At Votta Lettings the law is paramount and being that the company has been created by a property expert with some of the best industry knowledge, links and contacts there is no room for mistake. Not only can we maximise your income but protect it better than impressively.

Being proud members of ARLA and with our very own David Votta is the organisations Vice President and we follow a strict code of conduct, please see ARLA’s conduct and membership rules here

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