Consultancy and training

Are you ready for regulatory reform? Because we are...

Are you a landlord or agent? Is compliance, legislation, or simply day-to-day management becoming too much of a burden? We’ve got you covered, so your search can stop today because at VSL we offer services dedicated to those within the property sector from basic consultancy advice through to designing, delivering, and providing ongoing training and support.

We are specialists and can provide solutions to ensure the competent service of notices; familiarisation with court processes and case preparation alongside offering to mediate arbitrated outcomes, whilst minimising client inconvenience through maximising the process to the benefit and on behalf of our clients.  If it is property related, we aim to be the only one stop shop you need to effectively help when needed, advise where necessary and you will deal with professional people who care.

As you’ll see form our meet the team page VSL benefit in over 35 years of experience and expertise from both Lord Robert T Feast and David Votta who have demonstrated their talents within the private rented sector as experts of their industry. Meet the Team – Votta

Services available

  1. Creation, execution and service of Section 21 notices
  2. Creation, execution and service of Section 8 Notices
  3. Creation, execution and service of Section 13 Notices
  4. Completion and submission of N5B Accelerated possession from
  5. Completion and submission of PCOL form N119 possession form
  6. Routine inspections
  7. Check in (inventory and schedule of condition)
  8. Check outs
  9. Property MOT
  10. Fire risk assessments
  11. Lettings business consultancy (for letting agents looking to get compliant)
  12. Technical lettings specific training sessions
  13. Deposit advice returns
  14. Disrepair & damage claims
  15. Rent arrears

*We are not qualified litigators and unable to represent you in a court of law, however we can complete the necessary protocol forms in readiness to prepare you for a court hearing.


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