What sets us apart is that we don’t employ contractors who arrive on horseback; instead, we demand the expertise of some of the most skilled tradesmen in the industry. These professionals are known for their commitment to delivering top-quality work without exorbitant costs.

Our contractors embody honesty, extensive experience, and maintain the necessary liability insurances to ensure your peace of mind. They are deeply dedicated to ensuring that your tenants never experience prolonged periods without the essentials they rightfully deserve and are legally entitled to.

Furthermore, our contractors are locally based, eliminating the burden of additional travel charges. They arrive with a singular focus: to complete the job they’ve been called for efficiently, upholding a standard that eliminates the need for return visits, prioritising both longevity and safety.

Our panel of experienced, certified contractors is not just locally sourced; they are also dedicated to our mission. This loyalty is reflected in their unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service, encouraging repeat business, and fostering positive word-of-mouth recommendations. In cases where direct communication is necessary, our contractors are readily available to engage with you.

Moreover, we provide invoices for your tax purposes as a standard service. These can be conveniently handled through our accounting software or if paid directly you’d need records, as we do not seek commissions. Beyond our list of specialist accredited contractors, we maintain a team of insured multi-trades professionals who are on call for smaller tasks that don’t necessitate specialised certification.

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