What we don’t have is contractors that ride in on horseback, we again demand some of the most skilled tradesmen there are and don’t charge through the roof for them. Our contractors are honest, experienced and dedicated to seeing that your tenant isn’t left for long periods of time without the necessities they deserve and are entitled to.

Our contractors are locally based, so no additional travelling or quotation charges. They are literally in to do the job they’ve been called out for, to a standard where they need not return, no quick bodge jobs just proper repairs that stand the test of time.

Our experienced, certified contractors are loyal to us and therefore good service, repeat business and word of mouth is their priority. They’ll even talk to you directly from the property if you want a walkthrough, breakdown of works or just await the invoices, sign offs and receipts for your tax purposes which comes as standard. We not only have a list of specialist contractors but we also have a team that are on call for the smaller things that don’t require such specialist knowledge and this means they are available at a smaller cost.

Interested? Get in touch with one of our experienced team!

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