Letting Expertise

All agents do the same job, don’t they? Yes, they do, however, not all manage to execute the heightened level of skill or expertise required to thrive in a difficult private rented sector market. Landlords now need to rely on the expertise of a regulated agent more so than ever.

In the numerous properties VSL and the team have let over the years, there has always been a variety of stipulations and stumbling blocks for landlords and tenants alike. In using VSL, not only will the front end in marketing, sourcing, and securing your tenant impress you, but the property management and aftercare is where we truly shine.

Quality Maintenance and Compliance

Maintenance and repairs are only one aspect of property management, for which we have the necessary accredited contractors with professional indemnity insurance and public liability coverage. We also continue that level of compliance with our handymen for the odd jobs that many charge a small fortune for. Being an independent family-run business, our customers, clients, and contractors are like one family that shares our values in providing quality maintenance, repairs, and certifications at a value-for-money cost without compromising our customers.

Compliance and Tenant Satisfaction

In the legislative minefield that is the private rented sector, we ensure compliance is at its highest level, but we also make sure that our clients’ voids are kept to a minimum, ensuring that the effort going into sourcing the highest calibre of tenants is a top priority.

Outstanding Results

Not only do we achieve an industry-low level of rent arrears, currently at 0.84%, but we also facilitate a landlord and tenant relationship that works seamlessly with VSL at the helm. We aim to create and sustain longer-term tenancies, minimizing the need for frequent property re-letting.

Expert Advice

We won’t tell you what you want to hear about the market; we’ll advise you on the truth and set the expectations so that we can deliver on our promise. You can rest assured knowing that you’ll never be one of those landlords that gets compromised legally or financially, as long as you follow our seasoned expert advice.

Navigating Legislation

Legislation is forever changing, and landlords need to be prepared for these changes. Rental reform is a once-in-a-generation change to the private rented sector. We can help you navigate these changes and prevent legal disputes.

Protection and Consultancy

How many of you have been on the receiving end of a tenant that hadn’t paid for months? Absconded, damaged the property, racked up unpaid utility bills, or tried to sue you? It’s easily done, and if you aren’t ahead of the game, you could easily become another statistic. We can not only prevent legal disputes but also prepare you for court if it’s necessary, quashing the problem before it even gets that far.

Commitment to Legal Compliance

At VSL, the law is paramount to us. The company has been created by a property expert with some of the best industry knowledge that’s continuously being updated. Not only can we maximise your income, but we can also protect it better than anyone.

* Figures based on data extrapolated from our Payprop client money portal February-April 2023

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