Refer a Customer today for £100 per property

Terms & Conditions

Refer a landlord or a homeowner to us and receive £100 as a thank you.

By referring us you are not only ensuring that your valued friend, relative, colleague etc… is going to be placed in the best possible hands but you get paid just for simply passing over their details, (with their consent of course). Whatever the circumstances, someone mentioned it online or in an establishment or even someone considering it, we can help. If it’s a landlord that has a tenant or agent already, or a homeowner that’s already on the market with someone else, it doesn’t matter we can still swoop in and knock their socks off.

At Votta we are achieving some amazing things and we are only just getting started. Within the space of 3 years we are the highest rated agent on Google for 5 star reviews in our area. * They are very comprehensive so check it out for yourself and see why we are a great referral.

There are a few terms & conditions that apply:

  • The referred landlord must come on board as a customer of ours.
  • If it’s an empty property, you will receive your £100 when we tenant the property and are paid by the landlord.
  • If it’s a tenanted property, you will receive your £100 when we receive our monthly commission.
  • If it’s a homeowner that’s able to instruct us and we sell, you get paid on completion of the sale.
  • Monies will be paid by bank transfer to your nominated account.

It’s that easy, and remember there’s no limit to how much you can refer, it’s £100 per property so if your referral has multiple properties then that’s your next holiday paid for or even another income stream for you.

*Date ranged from 7th November 2018 to 7th November 2021

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